Wednesday, 28 May 2014

{Design} Swiss made Rainbow colour coded Allen Wrench

I just have to have these gorgeous colour coded Allen Wrenches. The Swiss made, Short Rainbow Torx © Key L-wrench set by Swiss tools comes with a lifetime warranty. Definitely one for the birthday list!

{Design} Swiss made colour coded Allen Wrench

Sunday, 30 March 2014

{Kids} 16 Amazing Lego Simpsons figurines

Rue du chat qui pêche | {Kids} 16 Amazing Lego Simpsons figurines
VIA Lego gizmodo
I just want them so bad for mother's day! 
The 16 Simpsons Lego minifigurines are expected to be available just in time for the special Lego episode of the Simpsons premiering on May 4th on FOX. In the meantime, the Simpsons Lego house is already available here.

Rue du chat qui pêche | {Kids} 16 Amazing Lego Simpsons figurines

Rue du chat qui pêche | {Kids} 16 Amazing Lego Simpsons figurines

Rue du chat qui pêche | {Kids} 16 Amazing Lego Simpsons figurines

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Kevin Bacon relives Footloose for the Tonight Show

Oh my! Kevin Bacon is Ren Mc Cormack once again for the Tonight Show last friday to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Footloose. You've still got it Kevin!

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

{Craft} 8 creative ideas for your Easter eggs

Spring seems to have arrived in London. You might remember my post from last Easter - Check it out here. It had so much success that I thought I would share some new ones this spring. It is such a simple and effective way to create this fresh new look for your home.

{Craft} 8 creative ideas for your Easter eggs

I hope you enjoy these ideas that I've put together to inspire you to get creative this Easter and in springtime in general. Enjoy and share!

1. Gold leaf over dip dyed egg. Gorgeous. Read more at little inspiration.

{Craft} 8 creative ideas for Easter | Gold leaf egg idea
Gold leaf eggs at little inspiration
2. Rope wrapped egg. More details at SAS does.

{Craft} 8 creative ideas for Easter | rope wrapped easter egg
Rope wrapped egg at SAS does
3. Golden glitter eggs, by Frufly.

{Craft} 8 creative ideas for Easter | Golden glitter Easter eggs
Golden glitter eggs by Frofly
4. Monochrome & natural look for your Easter eggs, by Herz allerliebst.

{Craft} 8 creative ideas for Easter | Natural display easter eggs
Natural Easter egg display by Herz allerliebst
5. DIY concrete Easter eggs. Check out how to make them on usefuldiy.

{Craft} 8 creative ideas for Easter | DIY Concrete Easter eggs
Diy concrete Easter eggs by usefuldiy
6. Simple Easter egg magnets, by Le style.

{Craft} 8 creative ideas for Easter | Easter eggs magnet
Easter magnets by Le style
7. Egg candles, by Lekker Fris.

{Craft} 8 creative ideas for Easter | Easter egg candles
Easter egg candles by Lekker Fris
8. Here is one for the non crafty ones; just get on to Revision Design Sudio's Etsy shop here and order a set of these really cool ceramic handmade planters and wheatgrass and it will be ready to set up in no time... 

{Craft} 8 creative ideas for Easter | Easter egg planter
Egg planter by Revision Design Studio

Monday, 17 February 2014

{Giveaway} Winner

I am pleased to say that my first giveaway was a great success! Thank you all for your entries and comments. From all your comments, the favourite was the one I included below: the dog | german shepherd. 

Picked by
Congratulation to Jessica Chan for winning her favourite baby onesie. 

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Remember that the shop is always open here!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Saturday, 15 February 2014

{Sports} Perfect Formula 1 pit stop by Ferrari crew

I love a well coordinated team! And this Ferrari Formula One crew are rehearsing their pitstop choreography to perfection! They are all amazingly calm and precise under pressure. Crazy impressive!

It all reminds me of when my husband [ then boyfriend ] and I met, we used to watch entire seasons of Formula One with our good old friend C. I can not believe the commitment on our part: all the qualifications and races. There was no btvision or tevo then. We had so much time on our hands!

So this if for all you F1 fans! Watch and enjoy!

Friday, 14 February 2014

{Sports} 1948 Winter Olympics Women's ski team

Winter Olympics 2014 are upon us and it is in full swing in our house. Downhill, snowboarding, luge, curling... you name it we watch it! 
In honour of all these amazing athletes, I wanted to share this vintage photograph of the USA ski slalom women's team for the Winter Olympics of 1948 in St Moritz. What style! right?

{Sports} 1948 Winter Olympics Women's ski team
Vintage winter

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